Thinoptics - Australia & NZ - Optofy

Thinoptics are the revolutionary reading glasses that have taken the USA by storm and we're delighted to be bringing these them to Australia & NZ.

Thinoptics are the reading glasses of the future.  Lightweight, flexible and designed to fit any nose shape - these are reading glasses you won't lose.

Developed by the team in Silicon Valley, these amazing readers are available in two formats - the universal pod and the keychain.

Universal Pod:

The universal Thinoptics pod is designed to slot directly onto the back of your phone, laptop, wallet, purse or directly into your pocket.  The credit card size Thinoptics then simply slip out of the pod and fold directly onto your nose - giving you instant vision whenever and wherever you need it. 

Designed for people on the go - the universal pod makes your reading glasses go anywhere and stick everywhere - so you can never lose them again!





If the pod wasn't enough for you then fear not.  At Optofy we have the fantastic keychain product that attaches your reading glasses to your keys.  Yep a simple easy to use keychain where your glasses can be stored.  Simply attach to your keys and you're off!


At Optofy all the Thinoptics products are guaranteed for life even if you lose or damage them! 

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